The Psychology Book (Big Ideas) By D.K. (Author)

The Psychology Book (Big Ideas Simply Explained) is for students of psychology and those who are interested to know about this subject. Be it a beginner or an expert, everyone will find this book appropriate to one’s knowledge level. With more than 100 groundbreaking ideas clearly explained in this book, it is a detailed glimpse of the subject of psychology. With much simple language and easy-to-follow graphic illustrations and examples, this book simplifies the complex subject making it suitable for readers of all levels.

Human nature and the human mind has always been a matter of mystery. However, psychology has answers to some of these questions. In order to study the working of the human mind and human nature, one has to go deep into all the aspects of psychology such as behaviorism, psychotherapy, cognitive psychology and social psychology. This book comprehensively covers all the above mentioned areas and it gives insightful knowledge about the subject. With a number of quotes from major known and unknown thinkers, along with some easy to learn features, one can quickly master some of the hard-to-grasp concepts of psychology through this book.

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