English Literature: Its History and Its Significance For the Life of the Englishspeaking World by William J. Long (Author)

English literature: its history and its significance for the life of the englishspeaking world is an allencompassing study of english literature from anglosaxon times to the twentieth century. it interprets literature both biographically and historically by showing how each work reflects not just the writer’s life and thoughts but also the spirit of the age and the nation’s history. it also shows the development of the english literary canon in terms of complexity, from the earlier simple moral allegories to the complex issues addressed in twentiethcentury writings. along with works of literature, this book also analyses important events and social conditions in each period, the lives of important authors, as well as literary epochs.

with helpful summaries, bibliographies and tables of chronological events, this book is the best possible guide for students to understand the vast pantheon of english literature.

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