INDIA 2019 by Rajiv Mehrishi

Falling under the Compartment of Yearbook, India 2019, is a year book with a difference. It is the only book in the market which is designed in an examination specific pattern. Written by the serving Comptroller and auditor General of India, India 2019 is an authoritative compilation of the complete information about the current Affairs of the country, which includes important dignitaries, state policy, public schemes and important data related to demographics, trade, economy and others. Immensely reliable input for the preparation of all the three phases of the examination, The book is also a must read for various State examinations and all other competitive examinations. This year’s book includes current Affairs from February 2017 to November 2018. The 2019 edition brings revamped presentation and precise examination centric data. Key features: 1. Must read for all the three phases of the examination – Prelims, main and Interview. 2. A new quick recapitulation chart on Indian states at the back 3. Latest information as per the current happenings in India and the world incorporated in the contents of the book 4. Current Affairs from February 2017 to November 2018 covered and compiled topic wise as a separate section 5. Not only documents facts but also presents the core concepts in detail, extraordinarily collated with current Affairs and facts. 6. All facts and information provided is completely updated till November 2018. 7. Separate section on newsmakers of the world and news makers of India. 8. Comprehensive information about Indian history, Geography, Polity, Constitution, states, international relations, foreign policy, environment, Geography, media and Communication, disaster Management etc. 9. Must read for all Civil Services aspirants.

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