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Blockchain Development with Hyperledger: Build decentralized applications with Hyperledger Fabric and Composer by Salman A. Baset (Author), Luc Desrosiers (Author),

The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do, and How to Change About the Book: It is an

An Introduction to Statistical Learning: with Applications in R (Springer Texts in Statistics) by Gareth James (Author), Daniela Witten (Author),

Deep Learning (Adaptive Computation and Machine Learning series) by Ian Goodfellow (Author), Yoshua Bengio (Author), Aaron Courville (Author), Francis Bach

Java Concurrency in Practice 1/e This book is a combination of concepts, guidelines and examples intended to assist developers in

Enterprise Integration Patterns by Gregor Hohpe Enterprise Integration Patterns Buy

Java 11 and 12 – New Features: Learn about Project Amber and the latest developments in the Java language and

The C Programming Language by Brian W. Kernighan / Dennis Ritchie (Author) The Second Edition of The C Programming Language

Pattern–Oriented Software Architecture: A System of Patterns: 1 (Wiley Software Patterns Series) by Frank Buschmann (Author), Regine Meunier (Author), Hans

Fundamentals of Software Engineering by Rajib Mall (Author) This new edition of the book, is restructured to trace the advancements

Computer Networks – A System Approach by Peterson (Author) This best-selling and classic book teaches you the key principles of

GUI Design for Android Apps by Ryan Cohen (Author), Tao Wang (Author, Contributor) GUI Design for Android Apps is the perfect—and

Top 10: Indian States and Union Territories by Nisha Jabeen (Author), Mohammad Rizwan (Translator) Top 10  Indian States/Union Territories India

Data Structures and Algorithms Made Easy: Data Structures and Algorithmic Puzzles by Narasimha Karumanchi Peeling Data Structures and Algorithms: Table

Data Structures and Algorithms in Python by Michael T. Goodrich (Author), Roberto Tamassia (Author), Michael H. Goldwasser (Author) This textbook

INDIA 2019 by Rajiv Mehrishi Falling under the Compartment of Yearbook, India 2019, is a year book with a difference.

Algorithms to Live By: The Computer Science of Human Decisions by Brian Christian and Griffiths In this dazzlingly interdisciplinary work,

GATE 2019: Computer Science and IT Engineering – Previous Solved Papers by Made Easy Editorial Board The new edition of