All In One ENGLISH CORE CBSE Class 12 2019-20 by Arihant Experts

In today’s scenario where students have many subjects and each subject has ample options so to avoid hustle in reading many books, Arihant has come up with the solutions with All in One series which has Complete study, Complete practice and Complete Assessment that is especially designed for the students. This provides all explanation and Guidance needed to study efficiently and succeed in the exams. All in One is a study guide cum Text book for class 6 th to 12 th that gives well written and clear Chapterwise theories by providing good amount of exercises for the students to practice. These series follow NCERT pattern in a logical and approachable way that aims to help students to stay focused on learning. English Core is a subject in which any student can gain marks very easy in short it’s a mark gaining subject. All in One English Core of class XII has provided all the explanations and guidance regarding the subject. The whole syllabus in the book is divided into 3 sections as per the CBSE syllabus so as to make students understand the chapters completely in a conceptual manner, each chapter is explained in detailed theories in an easy to language. Writing Sections includes Standard Formats of all type of Writing Tasks like Notice, poster, Advertisement, Invitations and Replies, Letter writing, Article, Debate, Speech, Report along with Sample Question. This book has been provided with 5 Sample Papers, Chapter Tests, 3 Section Tests & CBSE Solved Paper 2019 (All India & Delhi) that facilitates easy learning and explanations of all chapters in the book are given. At the end of each unit their 3 self-assessment and there are sample question papers that examines the level of preparation done for the examination Computer is a subject in which any student can gain marks very easy in short it’s a mark gaining subject. TABLE OF CONTENT Section A: Reading Section B: Writing Skills Section C: Literature Textbooks & Long Reading Texts (Prose, Poetry and Supplementary Texts) Long Reading Texts: Novel, 5 Sample Question Paper, Latest CBSE Sample Paper, CBSE Solved Paper 2019 (All India), CBSE Solved Paper 2019 (All India), Experts From Topper’s Answer Sheet.

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