How to Benefit from the Qur'an by Sadaf Farooqi

The Qur’an is a Divine book of guidance for all of mankind, and is held sacred by devout Muslims all around the world.

It is one of the most memorized, read, recited, translated, explained, and taught texts in existence today.

People are willingly converting to Islam after reading the Qur’an with understanding and insightful reflection.

The Qur’an has stories, details of historic events, reminders, parables, admonishments, scientific facts, warnings, vivid descriptions of the afterlife, and sincere invitations to its readers to ponder, reflect, and use their reason and intellect to understand the purpose of this life.

This book will motivate, advise, and guide you about how YOU can also read and understand the Qur’an better, especially if you are already a Muslim.

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